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Virtual Health (Telehealth)

Integrated telemedicine solutions provide a consumer facing and clinician-to-clinician collaboration platform that delivers essential capabilities related to remote care access.

Telehealth solutions deliver seamless care across all settings.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security should be front and center to every business process in today’s environment. Information Assurance, Vulnerability & Threat Analysis, proper Cyber Hygiene, and Incident Detection/Response are struggles all CIOs fight with on a daily basis.

By executing analysis of the technical & physical components within business controls, systems, and networks, leadership receives actionable data to make informed decisions on mitigating steps (both technical and procedural) to improve the information security posture.

Having trusted guidance and periodic reviews of your cyber health is key to secure environment.

Voice Modernization

Voice services are critical in today’s business environment. With the evolution of technology over the past decade, telephony infrastructure modernization is key to ensuring full functionality and stability in your telecommunication services.

Voice services span beyond the traditional handset now to include a plethora of unified communication options. Video calling, instant messaging, conference calling, and mobility all are expected in today’s human-centered voice solution.

Contact center telephony infrastructure upgrades are crucial for a modern digital experience provided by innovative customer engagement software capabilities. Omni-channel solutions have the ability to automate service, providing more efficient delivery of a better customer experience.

Having a modern voice network keeps your users connected and your clients engaged.

Wireless Solutions

It is imperative to invest in a strong wireless network infrastructure capable of handling high-volume traffic to grow with your organization as the number of devices increase, Artificial Intelligence (AI) blossoms, and the Internet of Things (IoT) spreads.

Installing a wireless network reduces the need for physical structured cabling while providing sweeping coverage for your end-users. A robust wireless design can perform as well as a wired network while allowing for flexible access and increased agility.

Quality wireless infrastructures will grow with your organization as the demand for bandwidth and coverage increases.

Structured Cabling

Connectivity is more than the cable connecting your PC to the wall. The convergence of voice, data, video and the bundling of these technologies into one integrated infrastructure can create a new set of exciting opportunities for your business.

A well-planned and executed structured cabling design will save you time and frustration as technology progresses.

Service Desk

Communication and customer service is a cornerstone of any IT call center or service desk. The service desk is the first contact an end-user receives when in need of support which sets the necessary tone and actions in motion to successfully manage their needs.

The services desk interacts with, or often spans into, the management of enterprise systems. These efforts allow smooth triage and root cause analysis to get the end-user back to business as quickly as possible.

A quality service desk maintains consistent results through use of standard policy & procedure as well as adhering to an established service level agreement (SLA).

Periodic reporting of key performance indicators (KPI) promotes transparency in operation as well as an opportunity to tweak services/end-user training to improve the experience.

Application Services

Government and businesses alike rely on their software applications to do more, change quickly, and deliver value to customers, citizens, and the organization itself. Software engineering, development, testing, delivery, and maintenance are all key components to the lifecycle and require attention.

Our approach is to provide a solution having a human-centered design and comprehensive awareness of the underlying compute resources as well as the core infrastructure it all rides over.


  • 541511: Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541512: Computer Systems Design Services
  • 541519: Other Computer Related Service
  • 541990: All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • 517919: All Other Telecommunications
  • 334111: Electronic Computer Manufacturing
  • 334516: Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing